pga pin grid array package

pGA chip packaging is commonly used in the packaging of microprocessors. Generally, the integrated circuit (IC) is packaged in a ceramic chip. The bottom of the ceramic chip is arranged into square pins. These pins can be inserted or soldered to the circuit board The corresponding socket is very suitable for applications that require frequent wave insertion. For chips with the same pin, the pGA package usually requires a smaller area than the conventional dual in-line package.
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The pGA package has the characteristics of more convenient plug-in operation, high reliability and adaptability to higher frequencies. The early pentium chips, 80486, pentium, and pentiumpro in the InTel series CpU all adopt this package form.
BGA ball grid array package
The BGA package is improved from the pGA pin grid array. It is a packaging method that covers a surface with a grid pattern to cover the pins. When in operation, it can conduct electronic signals from the integrated circuit to the The printed circuit board where it is located. Under the BGA package, the pins are replaced by solder balls at the bottom of the package. These solder balls can be configured manually or through an automated machine, and they are positioned through flux.
BGA packages can provide more pins than other packages such as dual in-line packages or four-side flat packages. The ground surface of the entire device can be used as pins, which can be shorter than the surrounding package types The average wire length is to have more high-speed performance.
DIp dual in-line package
The so-called DIp dual in-line package refers to an integrated circuit chip that is packaged in a dual in-line form. Most small and medium-sized integrated circuit ICs use this package form, and the number of pins generally does not exceed 100. The CpU chip with DIp package has two rows of pins, which need to be inserted into the chip socket with DIp structure. DIp-packaged chips should be especially careful when plugging and unplugging from the chip socket to avoid damage to the pins.

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Components commonly used in EMC peripheral circuits

As a protection device, TVS is faster than varistor and gas discharge tube, and has poor surge resistance. It is a clamping device and the clamping voltage is more stable. Often used as an electrostatic protection device, it can also be used in combination with a varistor and a gas discharge tube as a stepped protection to release surge energy.
What are the commonly used components of EMC peripheral circuits, and what precautions need to be paid for selection
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X capacitance
The X capacitor acts as a safety capacitor and is connected between the L and N lines to filter out the differential mode interference of the power supply. Its volume is large, but the ripple current is allowed to be high and the withstand voltage is high. X1, X2 or X3 capacitors can be selected according to different applications. For example, the commonly used X2 capacitor can be used in the place where the transient voltage of the power grid is ≤2.5KV.
Y capacitance
The Y capacitor is usually connected across the primary circuit and the secondary circuit or between the primary circuit and the protective ground to filter out common mode noise. Its capacity is usually small to meet leakage current requirements.
Y capacitors can be divided into Y1, Y2, Y3, and Y4 grades. For different grades, they can withstand different pulse voltages and require sufficient margin in electrical and mechanical properties to avoid breakdown short-circuits and jeopardize personal safety.
Differential mode inductance
Usually used to filter out low frequency interference. During the differential mode surge test, a part of the energy is stored and then released. It will also have the same effect in the static test at the output end. If the differential mode inductor is placed behind the rectifier bridge, be careful of the high voltage generated when its energy is released to damage the rectifier bridge.

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